Who should come to see a physio at Podium?

Everyone! We have the skills and expertise to help everyone regardless of your injury, age, or activities you are interested in.
We love variety and we love a challenge

How do I get ACC cover?

At Podium we can help you make an ACC claim for your injury and complete the required paperwork.
For further information about what type of injury ACC will cover and your entitlements please refer to www.acc.co.nz


Why are some physio clinics “free”?


Technically there is no such thing as a “free clinic”. These clinics actually charge ACC every time you see them. Understandably it sounds awesome that you don’t have to pay anything yourself, and who doesn’t like freebies! However, we do question what value these businesses place on their staff and the quality of services they provide to you. Their business concept is based on large patient volumes with significant constraints to your consult and treatment times. This is not good for you or the physio involved. The only person that benefits from this is the business owner

Ultimately, what is the cost to you when you don’t achieve the desired outcomes from your injury? Time off work, time away from sports, time having to keep going back to physio, and time bouncing between different health professionals

At Podium we value your time and we value our expertise to provide excellent physiotherapy care to you. Our physios are highly experienced and highly educated. It would be a disservice to our patients, and a disservice to ourselves having to rush patients through, providing low quality assessments and treatments and achieving poor outcomes.